Access now open to Rentals Demo | Stash SDK

October 26, 2022

Hey gang,

TLDR: You can now access the source code of demo NFT rental platform publicly. Go play with it!

 We know that you are in building mode. And we know that building can be difficult. Our job is to provide you the best tools and processes so that you can focus on building your game or collection.

Do you recall the Demo project I shared with you last week? 🤔


Yep, you already have a guides section in our documentation to guide you through the development process. However, we are a firm believer of learning-by-doing. If you get stuck while implementing the SDK, an implementation example can considerably speed you up and help you solve bugs to carry you forward.

Now you can check out how we implemented the SDK and the rest of the code while building this simple Next.js NFT rental and lending interface.

As outlined before, we are dedicated to help you build a rental system under 30 minutes.

You can access the public repo here.

Not sure where the docs were. Here you go.

Ready to take

Stash for a spin?

Ready to take

Stash for a spin?

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